Relationship Wars

Brevin Luehring

My grandfather has always been someone that I looked up to. He filled his life with hard work, compassion, and dedication, providing an excellent role model for his grandchildren by exemplifying his values. A veteran of the Korean War, he didn’t speak often of his experiences, but he made it clear the lessons he gleaned, and I was fortunate enough to have those passed down. The lessons he taught us will always drive the way I live my life, both personally and professionally.

Much like a soldier at war, the success of a business depends on the successes and hard work of the people around you. — Brevin Luehring

Businesses depend on their clients to get them through the trenches of corporate competition, and in turn, clients depend on businesses to fulfill their needs. Because of this interdependency, it's vital that businesses strive to build and maintain close relationships with their clients. In doing so, both parties will grow and prosper together.

The key to building a strong relationship? The little things are what make all the difference. Simply focusing on things like exceptional communication, having a positive attitude, and showing that you empathize with your clients can go a long way. No one wants to work with people who don’t care about their needs, so by letting your clients know that their interests are genuinely important to you, you gain their trust, their respect, and their loyalty. Without these three pillars, you can count on your clients fulfilling their needs elsewhere, and expect your business to come crashing to the ground.

At the core of human nature is the inherent need for relationships. Without building trust and camaraderie with others, we would all be alone to fend for ourselves in this formidable world. At Shift, our client relationships are our number one priority. Like my grandpa who depended on his fellow vets to do their jobs, our clients depend on us to do ours. We know that if we come up short, so too do our partners. We always strive to be trustworthy, respectful and honest in everything we do and hope that by building a strong relationship with our clients, we gain the same from them. Let’s get started.

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