Your Website Needs a Refresh

Brevin Luehring

Your website. Love it? Like it? Not sure? Wherever your feelings are at on the topic - chances are that you need an update. With the quick pace of the digital space, technology is changing daily, and customers are quick to notice when you’re behind. Luckily, you’re in the right place - shoot us a message and we’ll take a look at your site and suggest some ways we can help.

Potential clients and customers expect more now from a company’s website than ever before. They want intuitive design, easy navigation, and clean, modern branding to earn their trust. Your website is a 24/7 tool to put your brand’s best foot forward and connect your product to the right audience. We’ve created a list of seven reasons your website might be lacking, and why it’s important to update them in 2019.

1. Forgettable

If every website in your industry looks the same, chances are potential customers won’t perceive your product or service as superior to your competitors. Even making some minor updates in the look and feel of your site can attract customers to read more about your business and have a more positive association with your products. There’s no better way to make your brand memorable than fresh, trendy content and an updated website that customers will want to revisit.

2. Off Brand

This one’s important. If you are straying away from your core brand values on your website, you’ll break the trust of your consumers. If you’ve recently made any changes in your branding, aesthetic or services, make sure your website clearly reflects that. Your website should be your most comprehensive and cohesive part of your digital marketing strategy, so it’s important to ensure it is consistent with all of your core messaging and branding.

3. Not Targeted

Similar to branding, you’ll want to make sure your content is relevant and tailored to your ideal customers. Attract the people that will be movers in your business goals. If you are receiving inquiries or feedback from customers outside of your target market, you need an update. Take a good, hard look at your ideal demographic and decide what it is they truly want to see. Curate your content and remove anything from your website that doesn’t align with that vision. If you aren’t getting the right clients, you aren’t marketing yourself correctly and it will take you much longer to achieve your business goals.

4. Outdated Design and Animation

Vintage might be a cool branding tactic for your business, but that certainly does not apply to the functionality of your website. If you built your website over two years ago and haven’t touched it since, it’s time to update. Web standards, along with customer preferences and habits, change constantly and it’s necessary to stay on your toes and be flexible when it comes to making these changes. A modern, quick, and intuitive website will speak volumes to your customers about your ability to stay agile and up to date.

5. Not Mobile Friendly

This one should be a given, but often times it’s not. Over 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, and yes, your theme needs to be updated and optimized to handle any and all visits to your site. If you are making a push to gain reach through your social media efforts, this is especially important because almost all traffic from social will be mobile. Not having a mobile-friendly theme is a huge red flag that you don’t have it all together - even if every other detail of your business is perfect.

You can see for yourself through Google Analytics just how much of your volume comes through mobile visits. Now that we’ve got you convinced, make sure you’re really taking the steps to ensure your mobile theme is as optimized as possible, and check often to make sure it’s still performing how it should. This is crucial as we continue to move into a more mobilized digital world.

6. Slow

There are a number of reasons why your website could be running too slow. If it takes longer than five seconds to load, look into the cause. Too long of load time can cause a higher bounce rate than you’d expect. Some of these causes could be an old or outdated theme, large, unoptimized photos or a hosting system that’s not powerful. There are several tools you can use to run a test and learn the cause, such as Pingdom or GTmetrix.

This is where we can really help you optimize your site to be quick, customized and powerful so your customers are focused on your product, not your slow website. You’ve put so much time and effort into your beautiful website for customers to get bored or distracted and move on.

7. Not Secure

No one wants to worry about getting hacked or having their website compromised. Updating to the latest theme and technology will bring your chances of a security breach down significantly. If you’re not sure where to start, we do. (wink) We’re here to help you get your system running safe and secure, so you can rest easy and focus on what really matters - your business.

How We Can Help

If you nodded your head along with every, or any, one of these seven points, let’s make some moves. We’re constantly monitoring the digital space and bringing up-to-date technology that’s easy to use and understand to our clients. We’ll work one-on-one with you to learn exactly what your business needs, and make sure the right technology, design, themes and hosting systems are in place to set you up for a maximized return on investment. In 2019, your website is truly the most vital piece of your digital marketing strategy, and it’s worth the effort to set it up for success. We’d love to chat about implementing any of these new updates to your website in 2019 - and we’re just a call, text, DM or email away.

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