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La Crosse Distilling Co. captures the Genuine Wisconsin Spirit in every sip of their premium liquors. Pioneering the distilling market in La Crosse, WI, this young brand manifests the purest, highest quality spirits that reveal the heart and history of the region. The superior taste isn’t just coincidence. The distillers locally source their water from glacial aquifers and work with Wisconsin family farmers that use organic ingredients and sustainable practices.

Our mission was to celebrate this manifestation of the wild, rugged and rooted nature of La Crosse Distilling Co.’s spirits. We began by venturing outdoors - as we typically do - for inspiration. As we set up the shots and the scenery for this brand, we wanted every photo to honor the passion of the farmers, the abundance of the land and the adventurous spirit of the region that the brand reflects so well.

Capturing the liquors in their natural habitat connects it to the land and also the nostalgia and warm feelings that are unique to the North. We aimed to evoke a sense of pride to those who enjoy the spirits, knowing its field to glass approach is grounded in integrity and authenticity. Their imagery deserves to reflect those qualities, because while many may claim greatness in their ingredients and processes, this one truly passes the test. And to that, we raise a glass.

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We began by venturing outdoors - as we typically do - for inspiration.

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