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Elevate the exhilarating experience of outdoor adventure.

Not many companies elevate the exhilarating experience of outdoor adventure the way Mercury Racing does. They chase perfection and innovation for those who expect excellence. Racers rely on their durable, quiet and powerful engines for their fastest marine racing needs.

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When it comes to Mercury Racing Propellers, details are key. We collaborated with product experts to create a series of eight videos that take a deeper dive into the superior features and functionality of each propeller. We found that the target audience is hungry for information, so we knew producing an interactive, visual and descriptive video series would give Mercury Racing an edge. By creating this experience for the audience, customers can make informed and confident purchasing decisions that fuel their passion for speed racing.

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Every detail of this engine was important to us. Its incredible torque, horsepower, and sleek design deserve to be documented with the intention to impress. Capturing that through product photography was effortless in their gorgeous new facilities, as it clearly reflected the quality of the company. We delivered carefully curated images that highlight the engine in all its glory, so racers can be sure that this engine truly lives up to its hype.

When it comes to Mercury Racing Propellers, details are key.

When they contacted us to capture their 300R FourStroke engine, the highest performing in its class, at their brand new state-of-the-art noise, vibration, and harshness technical center in Fond du Lac, we were stoked. We were up for the challenge of documenting the superior quality of this new product, emphasizing all of the hard work that went into the final product.

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