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Milwaukee Candle Company set out to create handcrafted, high-quality candles that provoke treasured, nostalgic and distinct memories of some of the most loved areas and aspects of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their candles reflect the revitalization of local art and business in the city with scents that strike a chord in true Milwaukee natives, such as Bradford Beach (on a good day), Jazzmine in the Park & Whiskey Old Fashioned

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Our mission is to honor the unique culture of Milwaukee and the handcrafted candles that represent it.
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We felt a kinship with this brand right off the bat. Their Brew City roots, passionate grit, and dedication to quality matched ours. Our spontaneous meetings to swap inspiration, share stories and dream up bold concepts fueled our fire to create 100% original curated content, capturing the spirit of Milwaukee in the same fashion as their candles.

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This small brand was never afraid to do big things. They pour their heart and soul into their candles - and we took the beauty of that message throughout their social channels through deliberate and inspiring content. We strategically tell stories that resonate with audiences using modern and rustic videography and photography shared through various social channels.

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